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Chapter Three

"I guess it didn't come to mind"

Before I got home, I stopped at the supermarket to get some coffee then buzzed myself in. My feet tapped like raindrops as I popped up the stairs, finally, the 8th floor; Apartment 29B. That's mine. 29A is my grandmother's. We're the only 2 apartments on the top floor. I fetched my keys from my pocket and unlocked the door. I shuffled my boots on the mat four times then set them neatly against the wall by my loveseat. I guess it's just a habit. I love having this place all to myself. Well, actually I’m not completely alone; I have a cat named Stain. She's light brown with a big dark brown spot on her face. It looks like a pen exploded on it, but in a cute way.

I began brewing the coffee and set some milk to simmer then went to my room to change into my pajamas. I came out and poured the milk and coffee into my favorite mug, well my only mug. I only have one set of dishes. One glass, one mug, a big plate, a little plate, big bowl, small bowl and one of each utensil. Everything fits in the drawer under the counter. Under that drawer, I’ve got a couple different sized pots and skillets, a tea pot and a rice maker. I have a juicer and blender on the counter, too. I only keep one of everything as kind of a way to discipline myself, so if I don't do the dishes, I can't eat. If I can't eat, I’ll die of starvation and that's bad; or even worse...I might have to eat at a grease factory! (That’s the term I refer to most fast-food restaurants) That would also mean i'd have to spend money. So, i'd rather just do my dishes. Oh, and having only one set of dishes prevents pile-ups so that's also a plus!

I sat down at my computer desk and signed into my E-mail. Stain was startled as the computer screamed "You've got mail!" She rain and hit behind the loveseat poking her head out of the side close to the wall, twitching her ears. I laughed at her, this happens every time.

"Stain, get your little cat butt over here." She mewed and hopped up to sit on the desk. "Hmm...3 new E-mails..." I began scanning through them, the little that there was. The first two were ads but the next one was from an actual person, but it wasn't a screen name I recognized. "Un4givNx4? Who's that?" Stain followed the mouse as I clicked on the link to the E-mail, she pawed at the screen and I began to read it.

"Wow, that's so weird that he remembers me...we weren't even, friends..." in fact, I used to think he was most obnoxious, meanest, jerkiest kid alive. He was so mean to me...well everyone was, but he made it his job. I heard a loud meow then saw my cat dragging my yearbook across the floor; I picked it up and looked through for my class that year. "2nd grade..." I flipped through, "4th grade...5th. Here it is." I looked down and flipped to the page with the activity pictures. "Wow, there's a picture of him throwing a basketball at my head..." I closed the book. Maybe he’s changed since 5th grade. I mean I sure hope he has. We're at that age now where we're driving, or at least supposed to be; I don't think biting off your erasers and shooting spitballs will pass you in driving school. I thought for a second then decided to reply.

I clicked send then closed the window. "well, Stain, that was the most random thing ever." Another window popped up.

Stain slapped at the picture of Eli on my wall. Smart kitty! I do sometimes wonder why he decided to make that his screen name of all things, so random. I guess it suits him.

I signed off the IM. "...didn't come to mind?" I signed off the IM and shut off the computer. "Yeah, way to make me feel important..." I dragged myself back to my room and went outside to the balcony. I sighed. I can see so much from up here. To the left there are the woods and towards the right is the city, and then all behind me is the suburbs. It's like the half-way point, an hour walk to everywhere.
I never really thought about it, but this apartment is kind of in the middle of nowhere, if I look around there are almost no other buildings around here. There's the plaza, but its a little ways down the street. The only other thing around here is the swing set I used to play on when I was little and a play set. There's an old tree house in the woods and a picnic area in the courtyard but no one goes there but me. It’s nice having this whole place to myself, being the only kid, but it really gets lonely. I hate being lonely...
This is one of the things people don't get about me:
I value solitude, not loneliness.


  1. you're a really good writer!