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character profiles

Kari  -  Karina Araceli Rivera
Age: 15
Freshman @ Ranceburg Local Jr/Sr High 
♪ - System of a Down
Likes: Appleskin, Potatoes, Writing, Music, Drawing, Skateboarding, Dance, Riding Bikes, Hanging Out
SN: karina_wallflower

Leon  -  Leon Maria Connery
Age: 15
Freshman @ Ranceburg Local Jr/Sr High
♪ - BoysLikeGirls
Likes:  Photography, Having fun, Talking to people, Shopping, Fishing, Friends, Science, Technology, Boys

Scott  -  Matthew Scott Keenan
Age: 17
Junior @ Ranceburg Local Jr/Sr High
♪ - Anthrax
Likes:  Bikes, Fishing, Cars, Drawing, Get-Togethers, Fire, Reading, Learning, Cooking, Nature, Electronics
SN: sc0tthew_daDude87

Doorstep - Full Name Unknown
Age: 16
Sophomore @ Harton-Beaux High 
♪ - Temple of the Dog
Likes: Music, Hockey, Motor Vehicles, Art, Extreme Sports, Drums, Writing, History,Concerts
SN:  XxTimes0f_Tr0ubleX

Cordi  -  Cordelia Renee Willows
Age: 15
Freshman @ Ranceburg Local Jr/Sr High
♪ - Marianas Trench
Likes: Piano, Dance, Writing, Poetry, Imagination, Art, Fashion, Nature, Baking, Expresso
SN: CordiConfide

Kene   -  Kendura Jane Nakahara
Age: 17
Sophomore @ Ranceburg Local Jr/Sr High
♪ - KiTTiE
Likes:  Music, Concerts, Animals, Extreme Sports, Boxing, Art, Pranks, Being Loud

Eli  -  Eli McConnel
Age: 15
Freshman @ Ranceburg Local Jr/Sr High
♪ - Maroon 5
Likes: Reading, Bugs, Randomness, Math, Hanging out, Friends, Computers
SN: ica_beehive


Jimmy - Jameson Nakahara
Sophomore @ Ranceburg Local Jr/Sr High 
♪ - System of a Down 
Likes: BMX, Skateboarding, Arcade games, Algebra, Fixing things
SN: i_hateURlife45

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