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Hello, my name is Asberry Quinones, you might know me as Aeri or Berry Quinones, the author and illustrator of this story, "Sorry, it was just me." I am a 19 year old blogger and freelance multi-media artist currently living in Cincinnati, Ohio. I began writing when i was in gradeschool, but i started getting more serious around the 7th grade. since then, i've been aspiring to publish my own book, even though i don't normally enjoy reading books myself. i love expressing myself through art, music and writing.if i inspire you in any way, please let me know, it would touch my heart. ♥
i started writing this story in 2009, and after being re-inspired, i'm making a lot of updates and writing more :) i hope you enjoy this slice-of-life fiction :)

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TTISHAS [2009] - Esperanza [2008]
Orphans [2005] SRHFHE [2011]
view my poetry, lyrics and screenplays on my personal blog .

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