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Chapter Five

   After Leon decided to ditch, i didnt really want to see the movie anymore. I came to see it with her, but if she's not even going to look at me then i guess i just wont go. i dont want to mess with her and Eli anyway..
   I was sitting on a cushion next to a wall near the popcorn stand. i turned on my mp3 and started a new song, mouthing the words as i listened. i was completely dosed off and staring at the patterns on the carpet then i felt something against the hair on my arm. i looked over to see Scott mocking my lipsyncing dramatically and i laughed.
   "Hypnotize by System of a Down, am i right?" he smiled. i knodded yes and took off my headphones then turned them up all the way and we sang the last couple of lines.
   "I'm just sitting in my car and waiting for my..."
   I laughed as he tried to mimic the singer's voice and sang the last word "girl."
   "Come on Kari! No use sittin' over here you wanna see a movie?"
   "Eh not really anymore.."
   "Oh...Leon isnt it."
   "Yeah...she's still being her concieted self.."
   "Sometimes i really do wonder why you are still friends with her," he pulled out a strand of his eyebrow. "Just sayin'."
   "What do you mean? She's nice to me."
   "Not from what I've seen and heard."
   "She walks all over you Kari...she tries to take things from you all the time. Look, like right now. I thought Eli liked you and now she's hanging out with him. And i've seen her do this to you alot."
   "...but thats just boys.."
   "Yeah but thats not all she does, she makes you get her things all the time, she makes you walk farther than you have to. She'll make you walk to her house but she wont walk to yours. i just dont think she treats you fairly, thats all."
   "Well i dont want her to have to walk to my house...the road is bumpy and its far away..."
   "and I dont want you to have to walk to her house, and i know you have a bike but still. she got a ride with Eli to the movies, they could have picked you up instead of making you ride here."
   "i guess your right...she isnt always fair."
   "You dont have to stop being friends with her, i just think you have better friends than that and you deserve that."
   "Thanks Scott," i smiled.
   "Anything for a best friend" he smirked. "So what do you wanna do? I've got wheels and people and i just got paid. Name the place! "
   "Uhm..." i hate when he does this! i dont want to spend his money, but he always makes me choose! ahh where should i go!! i just wont go anywhere... "You don't have o take me anywhere, its fine."
   "But i want to! You came here because you wanted to have fun, since your fun ditched you i'm bringin more fun to ya!" i wasnt sure what to say so i grunted. Scott looked at me, smiled and shook his head. "You asked for it..."
   "What?" Before i knew it he had picked me up and flipped me over his shoulder and carried me out the door and the rest of the guys followed. I kept on smacking him on the back, laughing and yelling "Scotty put me down!" he sat me down in the middle seat of his truck and everyone got in.
   "Okay, your'e down. Haha!" He started the truck and backed out.
   "Where are we going?" I strapped myself in and looked out the window as he began to speed off.
   "You'll see." He smiled and turned on the radio.
   "Turn it up!" yelled a voice from the back.
   "You got it bro!" he looked over to me and i turned it up. "Aww, Kari...don't be a girl about it."
   "I was playin' chill out" i giggled and turned it up to the max.
    We drove around for a while and it was pretty nice out, the guys in the bed of the truck were singing along to the radio. I heard my favorite song starting just by the riff, "Aint My Bitch" by Metallica. Me and Scott looked at eachother because we knew the song and it was both of our favorites. We sang it together laughing and playing around. There were no other cars on the road so we were swerving like drunks but after the song ended we calmed down.
   Scott pulled into the parking lot of a grocery and said to stay in the car. I said "Okay" and then out of nowhere he ties a bandana over my eyes. "What is this?!"

   "For the next 45 minutes, you're not allowed to see."
   "Because...its a surprise."
   "Uh, ok..." I sat in the car for a while. it was starting to get a little cold with the small back window open. The wind was strategically blowing the direction of the back of the car so i was cold. I kind of dozed off a little.
   I felt the truck bounce and i woke up and opened my eyes, i almost freaked out and thought i was blind but then i remembered that Scott tied a bandana over my eyes. "We're back!" Scott hopped in and shut the truck door.
   "can i take this off now?" i asked because my head was starting to itch.
   "uh...hmmm...." i looked at him with despair but he couldnt tell...since my eyes were kinda hidden behind the bandana. i heard him tap his foot. "Nope!" he started the truck and shifted into gear. the rest of the guys were giggling...i wasnt sure why. Scott turned on the radio and i kind of fell asleep again.

   "Kari...hey wake up." One of the guys said. I picked up my head and tried to look around again, once again forgetting that i was blind folded. "Come on" he laughed and i unbuckled then he put his hands on my shoulders and started leading me somewhere, but i didnt know where since i was blindfolded.
   I started smelling burning wood and pine, which i liked...i almost tripped on some branches so i guess we were walking through a forest. the smell got stronger as we walked.

   "okay" said Scott and he untied the bandana. i gasped when i saw where we were.
   Infront of me was a bonfire, stuff for s'mores, IBC root beer, actual pop corn and of course my friends. my face lit up as i took in the forest air, i turned around and hugged Scott. "Oh my gosh!!"
   "I told you i wouldnt let your day be bad" he smiled and bent over, i jumped on his back and he took me over to the fire and sat on a log.  Matt, Josh, Tommy, Jimmy,  and Puppy were sitting around the fire and said hi to me. Doorstep passed me a root beer and i smiled then looked up at Scott.  He smiled back and picked up a metal pronged rod and stuck on some marshmallows.
    After about an hour i had started to doze off..

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