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Chapter Four

   The time has come for me to go off to the movies. i still didn't really want to go. i threw on some clothes grabbed my wallet, mp3 player and phone, hopped on my bike and left. i'm only 15 so i cant drive anyway but i wont have a car for a very, very long time. there's no one to teach me to drive anyway and theres always the problem of money, which i definately don't have.
   About an hour into my bike ride to the movie i get a text from Leon. Hey chickie, u here yet?? I told her i had another 15 minutes till i got there, which would make me on time. i hate being late; with a passion, i might add.
   i could see the theater from here, it was called Cinema 6. it had a couple floors and big flashing lights with a fountain in the front that had little fish swimming around. it was far away but i could still see it. i started to hear some music really loud and i thought my headphones were just fooling me. but then i realized i was listening to Avenged Sevenfold, not Skid Row. i took off my headphones and heard someone call my name ""Kari!" i look behind me and a big purple pick-up truck came driving next to me.
"Hey Scott!" i was happy to see him, we were really good friends. There were 2 other people up front with him and 3 guys sitting in the bed.
"you goin' to the cinema?"
"Yeah!" I yelled over the sound of his raggedy engine.
"Hop in! I'm gonna pull over."
"Sweet! Thanks!" Scott pulled over and Matt, one of the guys sitting in the back, opened the back and i liften in my bike and get in. "Thanks Matt."
"Anytime." he replied then smiled and turned to face the front. Scott started to truck and started foreward again. I heard something kinda loud and began to think. Enter Sandman came on the radio, it was one of my favorite songs. Everyone was talking and then came the chorus and we all sang  along. It's amost like a ritual, every time we're all in the car together that song comes on the radio and we all sing along.
   i got another message from Leon Hey me & Eli r @ the theater alreD r u here?? i hate the way she texts.
   we had just pulled up in the parking lot. i told her i was here. Wit hoo?? she asked. i told her i was with Scott, Matt, Josh, Tommy, Jimmy, Doorstep and Puppy. They do have those nicknames for a reason. UM  EW? theyr not comin in wit u 2da movie r they?? i just didnt reply and hopped out the back of the truck. "i think you've got a hole in your muffler..." i told Scott after i got to the ground, "it sounded kinda rought, ya know what i mean?"
"really? i never really think it took a girl to figure out why my car is so loud" he smirked, "i'll take a look at it."
i smiled back and we started walking up to the door. good thing my hair was covering my face because i was surely blushing. every time he smirks like that...
as soon as we got in, we realized how early we were an went straight to the arcade. i played a racing game and everyone cheered me on, it was one of those random things i was good at for some reason.
   from the corner of my eye, i saw Elie and Leon coming towards me then Leon made a face and rolled her eyes and said something to Eli, he looked down in dissapointment and scratched his head i wonder what they were talking about.
   instead of her coming to me, she took a sharp right and went to get a slice of pizza, i guess she was angry that my friends were there...she doesnt like them, especially not Matt.
   Back about a year ago, she liked him. He said he didn't like her back and it made her mad, then she decided she thought him and his whole group of friends should like her but they didn't, so she thinks they're annoying and dirty and stupid now. Because they dont like her.

Thats one of the things i'll never understand.

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